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Introducing THE Assessment To Identify & Nurture Their Greatness

Right now, you’re currently dealing with four types of athletes…
Red Line

No matter your sport or level of competition, allowing under achievers
and normal achievers to remain will have a massive, devastating impact on your results.

Yet this isn’t about just weeding out those that are bringing your team down… THIS is about identifying who your true leaders are and bringing out their greatness!

I’ve dedicated much of my adult life to this… finding, nurturing, and empowering SuperAchievers so they’re placed in positions of influence and leadership.

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Right now, there are SuperAchievers in your team, hiding in plain sight. … untapped potential with the power to take your results to exciting, new heights!
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But that isn’t all because what I’ve learned is this (and it’s VERY important)

Most SuperAchievers are not born…

They Are Created!

That’s right, with the right guidance, an over achiever can become a SuperAchiever. More so, it’s possible to transform normal achievers and even under achievers into SuperAchievers so long as they’re given a proven roadmap to follow.

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I know this is the case because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. 
Let me show you, taking you back to 2010…

For my doctoral work, I took over a classroom in Atlanta, in the poorest school district in the entire country. These kids were written off. Nobody expected anything from them. It was sad to see because when I arrived, they didn’t see anything in themselves. It broke my heart, but I knew there was a way forward for them because I, too, was written off as a kid. Yet there I was, getting my doctoral from TBC.

Entrusted with 200 students, I worked with them between their sophomore year till their graduation. I threw out all of the old models and redefined what was expected of them, measuring each student on two things they had control over…


By the end of this period, all 200 of my students were accepted into a university. Results like this were unheard of in almost any setting.

But in this school district… with these kids… it was considered a miracle.

I am a “Victory” for common folk.

Yet, I knew these results could be replicated in almost every other setting.

This was the start of the

Assessment You Can Access Today...

...a body of work I’ve been testing, iterating, and progressing ever since.

By taking this assessment, you’ll identify the current leaders in your team, as well as those in the shadows that just need the right guidance to unleash their greatness.

In your line of work, there’s a fine line between good and great.
Discovering your SuperAchievers is the unfair advantage you’ve been searching for!

For coaches, athletes, medical trainers, and scouts alike, identifying and empowering your SuperAchievers offers one of the highest and most efficient returns on investment you’re likely to ever see.

It’s simply the best approach to get the most out of those you lead, untapping their potential and giving them the exact tools they need to unleash their greatness against your competition. I have seen this time and again, and the impact it has—no matter what the sport… level of competition… or experience—is incredible to witness as entire programs hit new heights and lay down immense new standards.

Soon, you will have access to this process… you will know who your SuperAchievers are and how to best nurture and bring out their best.

More importantly, you’ll know how to transform everyone else into SuperAchievers

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Because when I say
SuperAchievers are
created, I mean it!


I Have Worked With Some of The Most Transformational Leaders,
Businesses, and Organizations on The Planet… This is What
They Have To Say About Me and My Methods

Jen Vermet

Jen Vermet

Learn-it-all obsessed with the future of online education

Johné is transparent about sharing how he learns by being reflective and listening.

Johné is truly a one-of-a-kind inclusive leader. He excels at building relationships, serving clients, defining what success looks like, and ensures that his team delivers. He has a way with words to effectively communicate. While facilitating, he shares inspiring and authentic stories and leans into differences. Through our projects, I've had the privilege of collaborating with Johné and discovered potential within myself that I never knew I had. Johné is transparent about sharing how he learns by being reflective and listening. I am fortunate to have been on a team with Johné Battle. I could not recommend him enough.

Wanda Austin MBA

Wanda Austin MBA

Compensation & Benefits Leader

Johné’s executive coaching and advocacy on my behalf with leadership has been a tremendous value-add to my professional journey.

I have had the pleasure of being professionally coached by Johné Battle for my own executive leadership development. I have also had the privilege of sharing the stage with him as a colleague regarding critical topics around “How to Leverage BRG’s to Drive Organizational Innovation”. Through our work together I received detailed organizational leadership strategies during our one-to-one meetings along with developmental exercises that offered key insights which gave me the foundation to become a more “Inclusive Leader”.

Our thought-provoking working sessions helped me build up my leadership strengths, take a deep introspective approach that forced me to challenge my point-of-view, while also giving me practical tools that were applicable for both current and future career growth. Johné’s executive coaching and advocacy on my behalf with leadership has been a tremendous value-add to my professional journey and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for executive coaching that will make a difference in their leadership style and drive innovation with their team.

Rae Ann Good

Rae Ann Good

Helping Clients Inspire Employees, Sales, Customers to deliver critical business results

Johné is most assuredly the smartest and most passionate change agent I have ever met.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Johné while he was at JCI. What an exceptional human being! We may hear the term "change agent" a lot lately. Johné is most assuredly the smartest and most passionate change agent I have ever met. He talks about changing the world - inspiring 10 million people in the next 10 years. He means it. He will do it. We talked a lot about engaging and inspiring human beings (whether they be called employees, sales or customers). He understands how to make this happen in talent acquisition, talent development, and talent engagement.

What a talent he is!

Dr. Regis Chasse

Dr. Regis Chasse

Champion for Lifelong Learning as a competitive advantage for both, individuals, higher education and corporations.

He has consistently demonstrated a very strong experience as a learning and business executive.

I had the opportunity to study in the field of corporate learning at the University of Pennsylvania with Johné. He has consistently demonstrated a very strong experience as a learning and business executive. Johné has also become recognized by his peers for his keen interest and expertise on the topics of diversity, and athletics coaching.

Judith Sebastian, MBA

Judith Sebastian, MBA

Director of Marketing / Product Manager / Market Development Strategist / Product Marketing Manager

Johné is not only a dynamic and inspirational leader, but also an effective strategist and planning advocate.

With a keen insight which quickly navigates SWOT analysis that provides valuable action plans that lead to success, Johné continually asserts his value to any organization. I have thoroughly enjoyed all work that has enabled me to engage teaming with Johné and look forward to the opportunity to do so again.

Reginald J. Miller

Reginald J. Miller

VP, Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at McDonald's

I have known Johné for several years and I have always been impressed with his ability to make complex opportunities into simple, executable solutions.

He also looks beyond what may seem to be simple issues and finds the long term, sustainable approach that is hidden underneath. I know that he will continue to be a valuable component of any organization.

Jean Larkin, Ed.D.

Jean Larkin, Ed.D.

Executive Coach/Team Performance Coach /Global Talent Management Executive/Career Strategist/C-Suite Succession Planning

Johné is an inspirational leader with a strong portfolio of experience, and evidence-based business results focus that he brings into an organization.

He came into JCI when he had to quickly deliver against a critical project underway, while having to assimilate into the organization and plan for the future. He grabbed onto this huge, complicated, global project with true leadership and made it a success. He meets people where they are at, yet is able to move them along a path to a better future for the organization.

Crystal Andrews Banks, MA

Crystal Andrews Banks, MA

Global Head, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging I Former Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council for Retail Industry Leaders Association I Ambassador at One Young World

Johné is one of those rare, exceptional leaders who has the talent and gratis to drive change from the top of an organization to the frozen middle to rally the troops on ground zero.

His eclectic background provides a unique lens to dissect an area of opportunity and the creative genius to develop innovative approaches and solutions.